Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet Milo

Milo is a character that can recognize our faces voices and emotions!.Can you imagine talking to your x box 360!? technology has evolved in ways we never imagined! Milo is powered by project Natal and Lion Head. It will be available for the x box 360 console.
no launch date has been reported yet.

Project Natal

Microsoft recently announced at an x box 360 conference is a demo version of what is to be called Project Natal which is a revolutionary 3D motion sensor that incorporates voice recognition, ending what Microsoft termed 'the barrier of the controller it caught a lot of peoples attention including legendary directer Steven Spielberg. It is the new revolution of gaming Spielberg says. Project Natal has no launch date yet because they are still trying to perfect the software.Microsoft says they are not in a hurry they will take as much time needed.